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Angels Fantasy Wallpapers in HD for Desktop and Mobile

There are very many fantasies in the world. Among them is the fantasy that revolves around Angels. Angels are known as mystical beings that have a higher calling to that of humans. They are supposed to be supernatural creatures that affect the destiny of a person. 

The angels have been categorized into the good Angels that people believe protect them as well as guide them. There are also the not so good Angels that are believed to cause death. The Angels concept stem from religion especially Christianity who believe that they are the workers of God. 
However, other people believe that an Angel is simply a supernatural being that has powers and can affect the way a person’s life is. The Angels are usually depicted as very beautiful human like creatures with wings. They have wings made of feathers and some usually have a halo on top of their heads.


Dragon-creature that comes from myths-Cute and Beautiful Fantasy Wallpapers

A dragon is a creature that comes from myths. It is depicted as an animal that has the body of a snake with wings and feet. It is a very huge creature that is known to cause terror and can breathe fire. They are believed to be very violent creatures that would not rest until they have killed or eat someone.

There are dragons in the English myths and there are also dragons in the Chinese myths as well as other countries from the east of Asia. They are usually portrayed differently in terms of how they affect the people and how they react. You will not find myths from different countries depicting dragons in their stories in the same light. They have been made famous though by the English stories especially the children books where they were not to be evil.

You will find that people believe that the dragons live in caves or in their special layer where no one dares to go. They never leave unless they are looking for food or they are attacking a community.


Unicorns Cute and Beautiful legendary fantasy animal Wallpapers for Computer and Mobile

Unicorns are one of the loveliest creatures ever thought of by man. They are magnificent beasts that have very huge wings of weather and a horn that resembles a corn at the tip of their head. They have horse like bodies and can fly at very fast speeds. They are thought to dwell somewhere in the skies. A unicorn represents purity and a lot of grace and it is thought that they only interact with the purest of souls as well as virgins.
They are a white creature that is very elegant and does not interact with man without very good reasons. In the European myths and legends, these beasts are thought to have healing powers as well as spiritual powers. They would also help a man who had managed to catch them in doing a very difficult task. They have been widely used in cartoons and movies that talk about legends and lore.


Beautiful Elf - Fantasy HD Wallpapers for PC-DeskTop

The area where the elves live is usually very fertile and with a lot of greenery. Folklore has categorized the elves with some being of a higher standing than the rest. You will that there are elves who rule over elves. They are assumed to be of a higher class. They usually have kings and queens in their communities. The primary duty of elves is assumed to be that of servitude. They are supposed to want to serve and apparently it is what drives them. However, this is only in some category of myths.

They do not always serve but you will find that they can act as fierce protectors. They have not been given much power in the stories that they exist but you can find that they are known to sometimes be mischievous. There are very many fantasy wallpapers when it comes to the subject of elves. They are done by different artists who portray them after borrowing from lore all over the world as well as their imaginations.