Angels Fantasy Wallpapers in HD for Desktop and Mobile

There are very many fantasies in the world. Among them is the fantasy that revolves around Angels. Angels are known as mystical beings that have a higher calling to that of humans. They are supposed to be supernatural creatures that affect the destiny of a person. 

The angels have been categorized into the good Angels that people believe protect them as well as guide them. There are also the not so good Angels that are believed to cause death. The Angels concept stem from religion especially Christianity who believe that they are the workers of God. 
However, other people believe that an Angel is simply a supernatural being that has powers and can affect the way a person’s life is. The Angels are usually depicted as very beautiful human like creatures with wings. They have wings made of feathers and some usually have a halo on top of their heads.

There are male and female angels as well as children angels thought they are usually depicted more on the male side. Some of them are usually depicted as having swords that they use to fight evil spirits or evil forces. They are also depicted wearing magnificent robes and they have an illuminated aura. 

Since they stem from religious beliefs as well as some myths, it is supposed that they carry out God’s tasks and that may include protecting, guiding among others. Some also believe that they are the link between the earth and the heavens and that they intermediate between the two.

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