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The area where the elves live is usually very fertile and with a lot of greenery. Folklore has categorized the elves with some being of a higher standing than the rest. You will that there are elves who rule over elves. They are assumed to be of a higher class. They usually have kings and queens in their communities. The primary duty of elves is assumed to be that of servitude. They are supposed to want to serve and apparently it is what drives them. However, this is only in some category of myths.

They do not always serve but you will find that they can act as fierce protectors. They have not been given much power in the stories that they exist but you can find that they are known to sometimes be mischievous. There are very many fantasy wallpapers when it comes to the subject of elves. They are done by different artists who portray them after borrowing from lore all over the world as well as their imaginations.

Elf as we know from Lord of the Rings. What is a elf, its a supernatural being in Germanic mythology, some of the first text about this being was in British and Scandinavian folklore, mostly you see elf's in romantic situations, not always as warriors like in Tolkien books. 

The elf is a supernatural being that is mostly associated with myths. They are not very popular but you will find that they exist in the German, some English and a bit of Scandinavian tales. 

You will find them portrayed as very cute creatures with oval heads and pointy ears. They are usually very gentle and helpful creatures that can at times fly. They have been characterized as creatures that live with other fantasy creatures like the fairies. Sometimes you will find them being referred to as fairies though they are in their own categories. They are creatures that can live with man and help them in whatever troubles they may have. 

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