Carmen Electra Bay-watch girl HD wallpapers

The real name of Carmen is Tara Leigh Patrick. She came across with Carmen Electra name due to her electrifying performance on stage. She had born in 20th of April 1972 in Ohio states of America. Apart from playboy seasons, she had also worked as an actress, dancer, singer ,model and Tv star. But, the reason of her growing popularity was due to Playboy magazine. 

She begun her career as a dancer in early years of 1990s in Ohio State. But , she did not continue it owing to singing offer being provided by the Prince - famous American song writer.But, this offer did not remain for a long time and she continued with Playboy magazine.
She had also worked as a commissioner of naked wrestling league in 2005. Her filmy career started from 1997 when she came acted in the move the American Vampire. She had also worked in a number of other films but her role in the seasons being broadcast by Playboy network has been remained most famous of her professional career.

She got married thrice till date and has been divorced two times. She writes that when she was marred by challenges of life after the death of her mother and sister ,she found Dennis Rodman. Though, it was their love marriage yet short lived due to ideological differences. She and Dennis were tied in this relationship just for one year and thereafter they parted away. To world Carmen Electra has been remained the gorgeous , sexy and hot baby but to her self she is oblivion. 

A magazine of models writes that her appearance from back side is liked by most of the men.Tara Leigh Patrick born in 1972, is an American glamour model, actress. I always thought she was from England. She was famous from Playboy magazine, MTV, Bay-watch, and she also did some parody films Scary Movie, Date Movie.
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