Dragon-creature that comes from myths-Cute and Beautiful Fantasy Wallpapers

A dragon is a creature that comes from myths. It is depicted as an animal that has the body of a snake with wings and feet. It is a very huge creature that is known to cause terror and can breathe fire. They are believed to be very violent creatures that would not rest until they have killed or eat someone.

There are dragons in the English myths and there are also dragons in the Chinese myths as well as other countries from the east of Asia. They are usually portrayed differently in terms of how they affect the people and how they react. You will not find myths from different countries depicting dragons in their stories in the same light. They have been made famous though by the English stories especially the children books where they were not to be evil.

You will find that people believe that the dragons live in caves or in their special layer where no one dares to go. They never leave unless they are looking for food or they are attacking a community.
This is how they have been depicted in most stories. Even if they have wings, they rarely fly and if they do, it’s to breathe fire and cause damage to what it is attacking. They are believed that they are hard to kill and some won’t even die as they have very hard skins. The female dragon is believed to be the worst especially if has laid an egg or it is protecting its young ones.

The idea of dragons has always been fascinating and people like to make fantasy images about them. Here we have a great collection fable animals from all fantasy worlds. Dragons have different meanings in different parts of the world, still it is a mythology and most people focus on the Eastern version of the Dragon mythology.

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