Suzuki GSX R750 Best Racing Motorcycles-150 Horsepower at 13200 RPM with Torque is 87 N*m

Suzuki GSX R750 is one of the most beloved sport bikes because it mimics perfectly one of the best racing motorcycles that existed in the ‘80s. It took Suzuki a couple of years to create the first model which was released in 1985. Ever since, this company has constantly improved this model and they have released a new type every year, for the publics’ liking. For the first model of Suzuki GSX R750, the engine was oil-cooled in order to make the bike lighter. The company then created air-cooled engines, which were even lighter. From 1992, Suzuki GSX R750 models start using a water-cooled engine, as their competitors did and starting with 1996, Suzuki introduced the SRAD system.
This system basically allows air to enter in the front in order to force air into the air-box. This SRAD system was such a success that the company decided to use it on any type of Suzuki GSX R750 ever since and also in other models. The newest model for the Suzuki GSX R750 has 150 horsepower at 13200 rpm. The torque is 87 N*m. This models weights only 167 kg. If you add all this up you get one hell of a bike. The Suzuki GSX R750 is very fast and extremely manoeuvrable and once you get a taste of what it means to drive this beauty, you will not be able to drive any other kind of motorcycle. There are a lot of wallpapers that depict this epic machinery in all of its glory, both on the road and in the showrooms.

Even more so you can find High definition wallpapers that are made from award winning photos. So if you are a Suzuki GSX R750 fan, then you definitely have to download a wallpaper for your Pc with this motorcycle. This is a very popular sports-bike for years, i m not sure if I can say its the best bike they have made, but its damn good. The bike was introduced in 1985, it was one of first of the modern racer-replicas with many race-derived technologies placed. So another great bike from Suzuki. I would also guess its one of the best sold superbikes out there. All desktop wallpapers are in high definition.

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