Ducati Streetfighter 848 Bike-Best Middleweight Streetbike With 155 Break Horsepower and Torque of 115 N*m

Streetfighters are a class of motorcycles that combine the style of a sport bike with the style of a standard one.The class of motorcycle was at first made up of customized sports bike, but starting with 1990's motorcycle manufacturer started producing streetfighter models.One of the best looking streetfighter is the Ducati Streetfighter.In fact, the Ducati Streetfighter 848 won the Title of Best Middleweight Streetbike in 2013.The Ducati Streetfighter has an engine with a capacity of 1099 cc and it's a V-twin 8 valve beast.

It produces a power of 155 break horsepower and has a torque of 115 N*m. The transmission is a dry, multi-plate clutch, with a 6 -speed gearbox.
It weights 167Kg and has a fuel capacity of 17 liters. The Ducati Streetfighter is an amazing looking bike. Everything from its shape to its paint job screams power and speed, and just by looking at one you can fell the thrills this bike can offer.If you are the type of guy that loves the feeling of a powerful engine trembling and rumbling under him and if you love having perfect control over all this power, then the Ducati Streetfighter is the best motorcycle for you.

The motorcycle depicted in these wallpapers is the Ducati Streetfighter 848 in its red and yellow paint jobs.This bike is designed by Damien Basset from the Ducati design team. This cool bike has a Engine of this Duc is a 1,099 cc (67.1 cu in) 90° V-twin, DOHC, 8v desmodromic, Marelli EFI.

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