Ducati Monster Motorcycle From Ducati Motors- Best Selling Sports Bikes HD Wallpapers

The Ducati Monster is a one of those “naked” bikes. The name comes from the fact that the engine and the frame are exposed. The Ducati Monster has a really simple look to it, which made it one of the most sold Ducati bikes ever. Another reason why Ducati sold a lot of Monsters is the fact that this bike was the preferred starting platform for custom motorcycle builders all over the world. At the moment, The Ducati Monster comes in six different types.
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The Ducati Monster 696, the Ducati Monster 795, the Ducati Monster ABS 795, the Ducati Monster 796, the Ducati Monster 1100 EVO and the Ducati Monster diesel. In 2013 the Ducati Monster series celebrated its twentieth birthday. This is why the last model of the Ducati Monster is the best naked bike you can buy.

When the designers at Ducati wanted to create the Monster, they had in mind the philosophy of “less is more”. This philosophy did not change at all in 20 years and this is why all Ducati Monsters created since then follow this rule to the letter. All components are designed and created with the idea that form follows function. So there aren't any esthetic accessories on the Monster.

In fact, all components are made from a minimalistic point of view. Out of all the Ducati monsters models, the Ducati Monster Diesel stands out.All wallpapers are in high definition format and can be downloaded to your desktop effortlessly.Ducati Monster- the best selling Ducati motorcycle. Il Mostro its also cald in itlay - motorcycle designed by Miguel Angel Galluzzi. Also known as Il Mostro, It is a naked bike as you can see, you can get the entry level 400 cc (24 cu in) bikes up to top of the line 130 hp.

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