Ferrari California Monza Edition 2 Door Convertible top speed of 310 km/h 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds HD Wallpapers

California Monza Edition
Most models of Ferrari are still favoring of high level coaches which dare to resemble real works of art, developed with the highest possible quality and accuracy. The good thing is always looking for some sector to reform and to make it more attractive and unique, something difficult if it is a vehicle with as much work as this Ferrari California, called by the same team as Monza Edition. In the Ferrari California picture we see that it is a grand touring sports car that its serial production began in 2009.

Characterized and unlike other Italian brand models to be composed of a 2-door convertible. The Manufactures did not talk about possible reforms in mechanics, but details the changes made ??on the car's exterior design, which we will discuss below.

Project Kahn is a trainer who knows how to take care of elegance and overall aesthetics of the vehicles. The outlines of this Ferrari California Monza Edition are maintained and not exaggerated at all, only some reforms that improve aerodynamics and have changed some of its components to provide a more sporty and exclusive as the new aluminum wheels 21 and 22 inch color black. As mentioned, the 460 hp V8 power that comes standard remains the same in this special edition, with the difference that now you can enjoy a sportier suspension that will surely improve the behavior of the vehicle when it is positioned high speeds.

Moreover, the interior has been upholstered in leather to create a different atmosphere and incorporated a new multimedia system. This is a website for wallpapers in HD to download Ferrari California, so prepare your eyes for maximum detail. They are made ??specifically for wide or wide screens, and designed so they can stretch without losing quality. Many sections like series, movies, women, etc... Wallpapers are with high quality, classified in several categories, and a variety of surprising high definition. This car is a new style for the company, very beautiful, but also a expensive sports car.The California has a top speed of 310 km/h (193 mph) and it goes from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.9 seconds,fast sports car. The engine is a 4.3 L (260 cu in) V8 with 460 PS (338 kW). Did you know that it was the first front engined Ferrari with a V8. The desktop wallpapers are all in high resolutions.

Ferrari California Monza Edition

Ferrari California Monza Edition

Ferrari Convertible

Ferrari Monza Edition
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