Dodge Challenger Greatest Sports-Car wallpapers

Dodge Challenger is a great muscle car from early 70s, the most popular model was 71-72. The Retro model came on the market in 2009, which was a great success, but maybe a little to heavy machinery.

First generation (1970–1974)this was the cool generation of the car,those every wants to own if you are into Muscle-cars.

Dodge-Charger - Fast-And-Furious -Classic Car in Movie
Dodge Challenger Mustang-GT Muscle-cars from 70s Sports-Car
Second generation (1978–1983) that is the time you want to forget all about.

Third generation 2008–present(2013) was the time when the car once again became cool so it could compete with the Mustang GT. Be sure to enjoy the classic and new car in HD.

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