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Christina Ricci Biography
Age and Birthday: 34 Years old in 2014 | 12th February 1980
Nationality: American
Religion: Christian
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 155 cm tall (5 feet 1 Inch)
Weight: 110 lbs/Pounds (50 kg)
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Husband/Boyfriend: Married to James Heerdegen,
Net Worth: $18 MILLION

Christina Ricci is a 34 year American actress.She is Christian and follows her religion very religiously.She had too many ups and downs in her childhood what with her parents getting divorced when she was only 13 years old but still she never gave up and her hard work and determination made her the woman she is today.She has proved her caliber in Hollywood and has been acclaimed for various performances throughout her career.
Born in Santa Monica,California she is the youngest of all.She has 4 siblings.Her mother is a real estate agent while her father is a lawyer.Her family moved to Montclair,New Jersey where she grew up and finished her school.She enrolled in high school but dropped out a year later.Her parents separated in 1993 when she was 13 years old.She was recognized by a critic in a school play at a tender age of 8.It was pure luck as she wasn’t even supposed to be in the play.Another student was originally cast for the role but he hit Ricci and she complained so he was replaced and Ricci got the part.

Her first lead role was the adaption of Casper.It was success at the box office in spite of the mixed reviews by critics.Another box office success Now and then starred Ricci as the younger version of Rosie O’Donnell.At the age of 10 she made her big screen debut in the film Mermaids which was released in 1990.She also appeared in a music Video very young.The next year that is in 1991 she bagged another role in a movie Wednesday Addams which is movie adaption of The Addams Family.She later appeared in its sequel named Addams Family Values.

She starred in a handful teenage films like Gold diggers, That darn cat and The Ice Storm.She was recognized as a child star as she starred in various commercials and movies at a very young age.She earned the status of a ‘teen icon’.Not only in the movies but Ricci has also worked in various TV productions and she has also won an Emmy award for her performance in ABC’s hit series The Grey’s Anatomy.

Christina married James Heerdegen in October 2013 and gave birth to her beautiful baby boy in August 2014.Before Being married to James she was engaged to actor Own Benjamin but they called it quits in June 2009.She was widely acclaimed for her performance in The Opposite of Sex and she even got a nomination in the Golden Globe awards for her performance as Dede in the film.She was worked with actors like Johny Depp and Charlize Therone in movies Sleepy hollow and Monster.Charlize in her acceptance speech at the golden globe awards appreciated Ricci’s performance and even called her the unsung hero of the movie“It’s such a different world than it was when I was coming of age. I don’t know how these young people keep it together with all the demands on them with social media and the internet. I had normal growing pains and issues and it was difficult but not disastrous. But I feel like if I was trying to do that in this environment, the way that society is now, I would probably be a total disaster.”

— Ricci, on the pressures of today’s youth growing up in the media spotlight

Ricci made a guest appearance in Grey’s Anatomy TV series and even bagged an Emmy award for her performance in February 2006.She was also a guest star in Ally McBeal.She appeared in a total of 7 episodes from that series.

She performed parodies of Britney Spears and Olsen twins when she appeared as a guest host on Saturday Night Live.

Her film Black Snake Moan earned $4 Million hence it was ranked at 8th position for the highest earnings in the opening weekend.
She made her Broadway debut in Time stands still as Mandy in 2010.

Ricci have tattoos of a Lion on her right shoulder Blade.An Edward Gorey image on the inside of her right wrist, praying hands on her left hip , the name “Jack” on her right thigh dedicated to her dead pet, a sparrow on her right breast, and a mermaid on her left ankle. She also had the words “Move or Bleed” on the left side of her ribcage as well as a bouquet of sweet pea on her lower back.

In 2011 Ricci starred in ABC televison series Pan Am.She also signed on for three episodes of TNT’s crime drama Saving Grace during its second season.Ricci played a young detective who temporarily partners with Grace, played by Holly Hunter.

In 2006, Ricci stated that she feels that at 5 ft 1 in she is “too short” to ever be an A- list actress, saying she tends “to look really small on camera”.After getting a warning from PETa and a letter from animal rights group Ricci gave up wearing fur altogether.She has also starred in Video Games like The legend of Spyro as Cynder and in speed racer video game as Trixie.
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