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Lightning is the kind of thing that serves to mystify while striking fear in the hearts of man. The thought of being hit by a lightning bolt can be quite terrifying indeed but seeing it as it descends from the heavens is a completely different picture. Scientifically, a lightning bolt is caused when a reaction is generated from the contact of electrically charged elements in the clouds.
The same reaction, a lightning bolt, can also be generated when these regions someway interact with the electrically charged components that can be found on the surface of the earth.

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In order to create a balance, energy needs to be released from one region and this energy release is what forms the lightning. Because it is still an active form of electrical energy, a single bolt can cause damage to anything that it hits.
It is strong enough to cut a tree in half and powerful enough to cause a massive flow of electric current when it touches the surface of water. It is pretty intimidating when thought of but when caught in photographs, there is something about lightning, aside from its power, that makes it a beautiful and jaw-dropping sight to see.

Because of how lightning is widely accepted by many in pictures, there have been many photographers that braved storms and jolted bolts to capture the intensity of lightning in out of this world pictures that you can now have on your computer desktop. Different lightning pictures in high detail can be found online. What makes highly detailed images great is that they showcase the vibrant and intense ray of light that lightning bolts are known for.

Why have a lightning wallpaper that is not as vivid as the real thing Online, different types of lightning shots are available from pure bolts touching the water or landscape surfaces to bolts that strike monuments. 16 million lightning storms in the world every year, so there should be a chance to see this beautiful natural event somewhere near you. There is a city somewhere, where they almost have lightning storms everyday, just cant remember the city. Here some facts about wonder of nature, an average bolt of negative lightning is about 30,000 to 100,000 amperes at a voltage of over a billion volts.

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