Equus Bass 770 Stylish and Classy - Muscle legacy car with luxury and technology HD wallpapers

There is no doubt that the Equus Bass 770 is without a doubt stylish and classy. This car boasts of high performance. It manages to blend muscle legacy car with the current luxury and technology in the automobile industry.An impressive handcrafted 640 horsepower engine (V8) charges this two door super car.

What is more is the fact that this car is more than affordable.Without any doubt, it will satisfy any need you maybe in need of. It has a huge array of customization options.It maintains both classic and modern appeals. If you are looking for an incredible car wallpaper, then the Equus Bass 770 wallpaper will do the drill.
It surely has a way of helping you reveal you inner self. Generating your personal identity is more than easy with this wallpaper. If you are looking for a strong wallpaper to capture the attention of those close and around, the settle for the Equus Bass 770 wallpaper. It certainly brings a totally new aspect to your tablet, personal computer, iPod, phone or any accessory that you can imagine.

In addition to being a mind-blowing piece of art, this piece is also user oriented. It meets all your needs and wants. Get this wallpaper today and you will not regret your download. Download it online within minutes if not seconds. Equus Bass 770 wallpaper - A new Musclecar on the market, but the price is 250.000$.

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