Charming Olivia Wilde American Celebrities in Hollywood TV Industry

The super hot actress Olivia Wilde is a familiar face in the Hollywood TV industry .The girl has appeared in numerous series such as: The Black Donnelleys and House. Olivia Wilde was originally called Olivia Jane Cockburn.Her mother was a producer and journalist and her father was a journalist. The actress wanted to become an actress since the age of 2. A little one with huge dreams in those days isn’t it? Olivia received recognition for her role as Alex in The O.C. 
Apart from this she has also appeared in some music videos. The actress enjoys an Irish and US dual citizenship due to her parents, who belonged to a British ancestry.
She took her stage name from Oscar Wilde.She has also appeared in Tron, Drinking Buddies and Cowboys and Alien, The Girl Next Door, Turistas and many other Hollywood feature films. Born a New Yorker to Leslie Cockburn and Andrew Cockburn, her birth date is 10th March 1984.

The long streak of HD wallpapers captures Olivia at her best.Her well toned physique and style is admired by many in the Hollywood fraternity.Olivia Wilde’s perfect persona is an Irish-American actress and fashion model. Born in the United States, she began acting in the early 2000, and has since appeared in television and film productions, like the dramas The O.C., The Black Donnellys, and House M.D.,[1] and had starring roles in movies like Tron: Legacy, Cowboys & Aliens, and In Time.

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