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Paris Hilton was born on the 17th Of February 1981, Paris Whitney Hilton is a single girl with many roles. She could be a model because she has the looks to die for. She has the perfect body of a supermodel and the heart of a socialite.

A billionaire hotel heiress, Paris Hilton is a business woman and also a producer. Her great grandfather Mr. Conrad Hilton was a business tycoon who started the Hilton chain of hotels. She was born in New York but was raised in both California and New York. She began her modeling career at a tender age of a teenager with T Management. Paris is notorious for her party preferences and being a socialite she is under constant scrutiny of the press.

She wrote her biography Confession of an Heiress and also did a supporting role in the movie House of Wax. She also recorded a music album titles Paris. She has also starred in numerous series namely Paris Hilton My New BFF, Paris Hilton British Best Friend, etc. A trouble maker by nature, Paris Hilton surely proves that celebrity status can be attained with a lot of wealth and a controversial lifestyle.She is famous for being famous. But, her admirers know no boundaries to come and appreciate her style, her sense of fashion and her perfectly toned body. Presented is a collection of the heiress’s photographs taken from various angles and background.

Paris Hilton is born in 1981 and is an American businesswoman, producer and socialite. She is a great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of Hilton Hotels. She began a modeling career as a teenager when she was with Donald Trump's modeling agency, T Management. Her hard-partying lifestyle and short-lived relationships with Leonardo DiCaprio and Oscar de la Hoya got her in the gossip-section of magazines.

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