Anne Hathaway in Movie Dark Knight Rises Famous Attractive Actress of Hollywood

Anne Hathaway is a famous and most attractive actress of Hollywood. She is hailing from America and started her career from a televised show.She had born in 1982 and came into lime light in 1999.Anne Hathaway Showing in Bikini.She has done a number of world class movies. Among them, Batman is grossly known to every one. Her role in Dark Knight Rises was of a jewel thief. Not only this, her appearance in Havoc also helped her to jump up in the Hollywood actresses competition.

To date, she has won a number of awards and has been nominated for best actress academy awards. Alice in wonderland , Brokeback mountain and Valentine day were one of her best box office films. Apart from this, she had also taken voice role in animated movies like Rio.

She has been blessed with a number of successes in her acting career. Magazines had nominated as a beautiful lady of 2006 and a most seen star.
It is said that she was inspired from her mother prior to joining the acting career. Exactly, her mother was also an actress but not famous. She has 2 brothers and parents. 

She used to say that she had spiritual connection with Roman Catholic and always wished to be a nun during her childhood. But, this relationship with Roman Catholic disappeared when she came to know that her older brother is gay. She shouted stated that she would never follow the religion which did not help his brother in either way. Now, she is no more staunch follower of Roman Catholic and saying that her religious beliefs are under process.

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