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Beautiful Zooey Deschanel-American Musician,Actress,Singer and Songwriter-HD Wallpapers

Zoey is an American musician, actor, singer and a songwriter. She was born in Santa Monica, CA in the year 1980. She is the daughter of cinematographer Caleb Deschanel and Mary Jo Deschanel, who is an actress. She made her debut in films with Mumford.After this she went to do one of her most famous works Almost Famous. She starred in various movies such as: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Failure to Launch, Yes Man, Bridge to Terabithia, etc. She is currently working as a lead in the TV series New Girl.

She is born January 1980 and is an American actress, musician. In 1999, her debut into the movies Mumford, followed by her role as William Miller's troubled older sister Anita in Cameron Crowe's 2000 semi-autobiographical film Almost Famous. She soon became known for her supporting roles in movies like Elf , The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The Happening, Yes Man (2008), She currently is in the TV series New Girl.


Halle Berry first African American actress in Hollywood HD wallpapers

Halle Berry is an academy award winner actress and an Ex-fashion designer. She earned the title of best actress of 2002 year for speechless acting in Monsters ball. She is the first African American actress that has reached to such height of success in the Hollywood. She is supposed to be highest costly actress in the filmography. She had born on 14th of August 1955 in Ohio. 

X-Men Days of Future Past Wallpapers

Prior to jumping in the ocean of filmography, she was participating in a number of contents like miss USA and miss world pegeant. She turned out to be famous after the movie of Boomerang.